Dixon Judd is a highly sought after expert in Mortgage Banking and Real Estate systems. He is effective in integrating solutions to create superior performance. Having worked for over 100 companies ( Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, GMAC Mortgage, Indymac Bank/One West Bank,Re/Max and many others) to bring together the best internal resources with the latest external resources, the results are customized solutions that increase market share growth and profitability for a sustained period of time.

Senior Management – Real Estate, Financial Services,Banking,Mortgage.




Market Share Growth,Recruitment and Sales Force Development.

Years of experience as both a senior management consultant and coach, providing answers to complex challenges have made Dixon Judd’s knowledge and experience level very unique. Often referred to as the “Secret Weapon” by companies looking to enter a market quickly or to perform a positive turn around, the current economic challenges make his leadership and insights invaluable.

Dixon Judd is available as a speaker,  coach and consultant to companies and discerning individuals passionate about achieving their highest potential. Proud Mentor/Alumni in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentoring program that Walt Disney started .


Senior Management – Financial Services, Banking, Mortgage, Real Estate.


Having completed successful assignments for Wells Fargo, Bank Of America, Indymac Bank/One West Bank, GMAC and Re/Max.

Special emphasis on Market Share Growth, Recruitment Systems , Sales Force Development and Personal development.

Market Analysis, Home Retention, Foreclosure Avoidance, Short Sale, REO, Bankruptcy interfaces.


Serving on advisory boards for Lenders,Real Estate Firms, Title Insurance Companies and Law Firms integrating systems that create viable solutions in today’scurrent real estate market, with over 800 agents currently and building this to over 1500 agents this year. We offer a full menu of products and services Mortgage and Real Estate related. One on One Life Coaching as well as organizational culture fulfillment strategies.