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The Five Hallmarks of Highly Respected Achievers

I’ve been working on a research project for a few weeks that involves identifying the characteristics that describe highly driven, achievement-oriented people who are also among the most well-respected in any organization. The intersection between drive and respect is an important one, because we all know people who are highly driven but think nothing of running others over along the way. […]

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Is $250,000 really middle class?

How is it that a quarter-million dollars of income has come to represent the dividing line between the middle class and the wealthy? By MSN Money partner 4 hours ago This post comes from Alicia Munnell at partner site SmartMoney.   It seems as though no one reads the Census Bureau’s annual publication “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance […]

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The Best of Harvey`s Columns

The Best of Harvey`s Columns.

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