CEO: ‘Focus on Consensus, Not Conflicting Headlines’.

In her May column for RISMedia’s Real Estate magazine, RE/MAX CEO Margaret Kelly urges agents not to be confused by conflicting reports on housing in the media. The truth is there is consensus in several key areas.Here is an excerpt from Kelly’s column. Read the full article on Page 50 of the online magazine.

“Housing headlines have led to a lot of head scratching over the past several months. Are prices going up or not? Are sales increasing or not? Has the market reached the bottom or not?

“You may be thinking these messages can’t all be right; the strange truth is they’re not all dead wrong. What they’re representing is the saw-tooth pattern of growth we can expect to see in the United States throughout 2012. Recovery isn’t going to look like a straight incline on any graph over the next few years; it’s going to show an upward trend with smaller peaks and valleys within that rise.

“Every local market’s recovery is going to look different. In some areas, the prices may go down a bit more before a noticeable resurgence, and in other areas prices are already rising. Others will go up and down frequently. So focus on the big picture.”