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“Dixon, is the secret to many successful mortgage  operations. His ability to recruit and train is legendary. They call in Dixon when the goal is to get years of a business plan implemented in months.”

Walter Sanford, Owner, Sanford Systems

In talking to many of them, they say “It is a must, if I am to stay at peak performance level!” “It is too easy to fall, left to my own devices.” “My competition is constantly getting better, so I have to continue to improve.” 

Individuals who are entering a new field, go to graduate schools, apprenticeship programs, and work as interns, all at an investment of time, effort and money. “It is an investment in my future, my career!”

Re/MaxMagaly Viri Gutierrez - “Dixon I want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We at Re/max look forward in reaching our goals as a team.”

Market Manager – Santa Monica/Beverly Hills PNC Mortgage “I had the pleasure of working with Dixon while at PNC. I found him to be both engaging and professional. Although he works in a rapidly changing environment, Dixon is one that stays abreast of market and compliance changes. As far as working with staff, he is a motivator! He has a great ability to work with people of all types and at all levels of the organization. For any company who chooses to hire Dixon, you will find him to be a real asset to your business!” February 22, 20111st Susan Fair, VP, Manager of Learning Technology and Development, National City
worked with Dixon at PNC Mortgage

“Dixon was one of the most knowledgeable people I have known in the mortgage industry. His attention to detail was and his ability to think quickly on his feet were excellent. I would recommend Dixon to any mortgage/lender organization that wants someone who would be able to shape a sales force in to one cohesive unit.” February 19, 20111stHarlow Sharp, CMPS, Mortgage Loan Officer, PNC Mortgage reported to Dixon at PNC Mortgage

“I have twice recruited Dixon to run sales and help oversee operations. In both situations, he’s leveraged his strong sales and marketing skills to help drive sales growth and reinvigorate the organization.

In one situation he tripled the originations while only doubling the size of the sales team. His concepts of getting more out of what you have, create a positive team building spirit and excitement. I would recommend him highly for situations that require these skills.” 1st Steven Linton, Regional Manager, North American Mortgage Company (Dime Bank) worked directly with Dixon at North American Mortgage Company

“Dixon and I worked together to attract top shelf mortgage originators while he was with IndyMacBank. It was evident immediately that our partnership would be successful because Dixon was consistently responsive and creative in situations that required heavy “hands on” game planning. He demonstrated an unrivaled passion to tackle new projects and overcome obstacles, and he refused to put his pay check before his integrity and reputation in every instance. Dixon is a financial services subject matter expert whom I’d be honored to partner up again with in the future.” 1st Jason Brzycki, Recruitment manager/Client Manager, ATS Services…
was a consultant or contractor to Dixon at Performance Resource Group

Michelle Chu, Marketing and Outreach Coordinator
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles & the Inland Empire

Dear Dixon,
I wanted you to know that I greatly appreciate you taking the time to fit us in your busy schedule. It means a lot to our organization to have such an involved volunteer such as yourself. You are not only a positive role model to your Little, but you are also very valuable to the agency. Also I read your article in the magazine that you handed to me and I found it to be very simple yet effective. The part where you discussed the ‘success book’ was very interesting, but extremely realistic for everyone to follow through on. I am considering to start my own success book. I set many goals for myself, however I think it would be much more concrete to write it down and take pictures instead of just doing it and moving on. I do have one question. What exactly did you mean by spiritual as one aspect? What would be an example? Mainly I wanted to say thank you, and I will keep in touch with you.

Chris Morris
Senior Vice President , Bank of America
Retail Mortgage

Dear Dixon, I wanted to take a minute and tell you how incredible your coaching, training and systems are. I have been in the Mortgage industry for many years and have been fortunate to work for Bank Of America for 15 years now. It is hard to find real tangible ways to motivate and produce substantial results when leading a sales force. As you know, my office is consistently one of the top producing offices in our company, so finding something that would really move our team up to the next level is always a challenge. Let me say that you DELIVERED!! The results have been more than I could have hoped for and have actually changed people’s lives. Since starting to work with you last year, we have consistently have had a huge increase in attitude, new higher goals, better and better sales opportunities with the top Realtors in our market, recruiting opportunities and list goes on.

We are making our mark and people inside and outside of Bank Of America are really asking, “How have you done it? ”Every time, we tell them it started with Dixon Judd and his training! You have a very complete system that will drive anyone’s business to the top, it’s real and it is current to today’s market. We are very anxious to continue to work with you to really set a blazing trail that will be hard for any competitor to match. You are the catalyst making this happen for Thank you!

Desiree Cook
Decision One Mortgage-Member of HSBC Group

Hi Dixon, It’s been many years since we have had any contact. I had worked with you for a short time at North American. I saw someone yesterday that I thought was your twin. Too weird! I had heard years ago that you were doing public speaking seminars, coaching – something like that. But seeing this person yesterday made me think of you so I just went online and found one of your sites. GREAT to see! We went to Anthony Robins for the Wealth Mastery Seminar (you had sponsored one of the shows), and I remember driving home, and you had some thoughts on doing that same type of thing. It’s one thing to listen to people talk about their dreams and goals but seeing you do it – Wow!!!! Just wanted to congratulate you!!! I am sure you get crazy emails from people here and there and this may be one of them. Just wanted to say hello!

Alex Caragiannides
Vice President, Samuel Scott Financial Group

“Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to come to my office. Your presentation was a 10. I feel blessed that you have given me this opportunity to use your system.”

Chris Weir
Vice President , Metropolitan Home Mortgage

Dixon, Thank you for your efforts on Saturday. I came away inspired and feel you truly contributed to me. My first follow up item for today to get index cards and visualize my goals! Thanks again.

Brett Smith
Home Loans
Branch Manager Tustin

“PRG brings a great deal of value to the table with respect to quality mortgage sales training. Dixon’s mortgage sales training program is a must for anyone wishing to take their business to the next level. Highly recommended.”

Josh Houk
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Dixon, I would like to personally thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your amazing sales system. You have given me the knowledge and confidence to meet some of the most successful people in our industry. I have met with two realtors that are ranked 15 th and 22 nd out of San Bernardino county’s top real estate agents, and they have actually initiated transactions with me. Thanks to you and your system, I am creating relationships with people that I would have never thought would give me a chance!!!! Thank you again, Josh Houk,


Larry Rochelle
Huntington Beach, CA

“Our entire company is using the PRG sales system to add new realtors to the list of top realtors that we already work with.”

Marlene Veal
Asst. Vice-Pres. and Branch Manager, Bank of America

“I enjoyed the systems presentation, role-playing sessions to increase confidence & improve delivery. Dixon Judd was exceptional.”

Damien Green
Stone Creek Capital Mortgage

“Tomorrow I am meeting with an escrow officer who has been in the business for over 15 years. She liked my communication (your program) so much… She thinks I am the best LO that she has ever dealt with (I have to mention that I am pretty darn good at my job!!). However, I must admit that your program is the main reason for her impression of me. Thanks for all that you did, and thanks for sharing your system with me!! I am a believer!


Sales Class, Bank of America,

“Last night turn out to be a great event, out of 100 realtors, 80 showed up. Let’s keep running with this event, the President of The Glendale board of Realtors was very excited that we were out servicing the realtors. They want to be a part of our team, so let’s get started on following up with your realtors and doing the presentations. Realtors are excited about the benefits we have to offer; Dixon Judd presentation, Realtors Boards, banks and all of us being a part of the community. Next move to drive our bank business, each account executive is responsible for their bank branch realtor® mixer. You guys are veterans now, meet with your bank center manager and PB’s to set up a day for their mixer. Thank you, Team! This works because you make it happen.

Great Job! My realtors were very impressed with the whole thing: they LOVED the signs and the Dixon Judd presentation. They are looking forward to our next mixer! Thanks again!!”

Henry Gonzales
Vice President

Stacey Dohman, Metropolitan Home Mortgage
I really enjoyed the seminar; especially the part about “A goal is just a wish until it is written down.” That is so true! It was a very positive seminar, I like the fact that he went over time management & prioritizing as well. Dixon went over keeping an hourly schedule each day and sticking to it, for a rep at our company it’s a little hard because our first priority is lead calls & our managers set meetings sometimes that last for a couple of hours, that can through us all of track. The schedule is a great tool for a manger that has more control of their day, a rep can set a schedule but conditioned to other circumstances. He may want to go over multitasking that is a great skill every loan officer needs learn!

Gary J. Stotko, Director of Business Development, Home Savings Mortgage
Home Savings Mortgage lacked qualified industry experience in developing a
Marketing/Business Development Department. Your focused, high energy, time-tested systematic approach supported by a transparent all-inclusive management style is shockingly refreshing.

While setting in place the foundation for explosive growth, you’ve shared the capability to nurture, grow and mine for talent, develop a team, all while maintaining and attaining our strategic intent. We are now prepared to successfully fulfill our recruiting efforts utilizing; area specific tactics, web tools, database management and multiple drip marketing campaigns (electronic and print media).

Your “Sales System” is for true professionals ready to embrace and implement a program that practiced consistently is guaranteed to win. Any loan officer [sales person] overlooking this opportunity for personal and professional growth should strongly consider an alternate career.

Ultimately the ability to raise the level of those performing around you ensures your future successes. You’ve rallied this with integrity, honor, decency, competitive spirit, good humor and strong leadership…the finest attributes of a mentor.

Dixon you’re a true Mentor!


Steven Fox
Builder Home Mortgage Consultant
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

After meeting Dixon three years ago, the advice he has provided has helped improve my efforts to both realtors and developers. His program teaches how to create consistent follow-up, drive business to realtors, and capture more developer business. With the changing real estate marketplace, I recommend that mortgage sales teams set up a training program led by Dixon Judd.

Joe Grunebach Bank of America Home Loans

“I have personally & professionally known Dixon Judd for several years. I have attended his mortgage sales training and would highly recommend it to those who are committed to excellence.”

Yolie Espinosa
Account Executive, Bank of America

“I really enjoyed the training. I got to learn how to be a better account executive. Now I have more confidence about myself. Dixon was very professional. I enjoyed coming to the classes every week. He’s an excellent trainer. No one has every brought such a high level of professional material to work with the Hispanic community.”

Arda Bezjian –
Sr. Account Executive, Bank of America

“I liked the ‘hands-on’ approach, not just ‘how to’ theoretically. I believe the training was very professional, direct, down-to-earth and practical.”

Ruweida Bloomquist –
Sr. Account Executive, Bank of America

“The training gave me alot more confidence in approaching new referral sources. It was wonderful and very professionally done.”

“Outstanding operator” December 1, 2010.  Marlin Brandt, Vice President, First Magnus Financial
worked directly with Dixon at Performance Resource Group was with another company when working with Dixon at Performance Resource Group