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According to the TRENDS Report , the purpose of coaching is to obtain assistance to get you to where you want to go.  Whether your goal is to strengthen your existing business, improve your marketing, cut out unnecessary learning curves or completely re-build internal operations to meet the opportunities of an ever-changing market, you should be able to get there with the help of your coach.The Report divides real estate coaching into the following categories:

Self-Coaching - With self-coaching programs you are given access to tips and resources used by successful Agents and Brokers. Generally considered a self-study method, you don’t receive one-on-one or personal coaching, but instead you can read articles, listen to audio interviews or use any of the checklists, forms, ads or other materials provided as part of the program. This program is by far the least expensive and where all agents should begin.

Group Coaching - Group coaching is usually handled by weekly conference calls where a group of ten or so individuals meet. Group coaching usually incorporates workbooks, audio tapes, checklists and email interaction between individuals and the group coach.  Some group coaching calls may set aside time for Q&A while others merely allow for listening in. This is the second least expensive form of coaching.

Team Coaching - Team coaching typically includes industry-proven systems, tactics and techniques that have successfully built teams that have achieved top tier status in their markets. The coaching sessions cover all aspects of a team’s mission, vision and values, as well as the execution of its action plan to ensure the achievement of the goals for the entire group.

One-On-One Coaching - One-on-one coaching is personally tailored and designed to build an individual’s ideal business based on the agent’s strengths and specific market. Throughout the year the agent is provided accountability for implementation, performance and results.  The coach plays a pivotal role in establishing a vision not only for the business but for the agent’s personal life. This is the most effective form of coaching but obviously it’s also the most expensive.

Below a list of the best coaches in real estate:


  • Dixon Judd , Performance Resource Group
  • Brian Buffini & Company
  • Mike Ferry Organization
  • Your Coach  – Tom Ferry
  • Coach Ken – Ken Goodfellow
  • By Referral Only – Joe Stumpf
  • Craig Proctor’s Home Selling System
  • Real Estate Champions  – Dirk Zeller
  • Star Power  – Howard Brinton
  • Sanford Systems & Strategies – Walter Sanford
  • Leader’s Choice Real Estate Training - Mark Leader


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