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    You are not in the Real Estate business. Your clients are in the Real Estate business and by clients I mean your sales professionals, YOUR Agents. YOU are in the People Building Business. If it is not done well, it devolves into a Human Resources Manager job. When it is done properly and consistently, it is an experience that transcends your largest aspirations. YOU can be the creator of something epic, something that creates a legacy and legends. These words are not hype, they are factual descriptions of the true opportunity that YOU as Leader have chosen to embark upon.

    Many of you have already had tremendous success on many levels. Yet, you know there is more. You realize that there are spheres of progression far beyond what any of us have accomplished here to fore. So, I ask you the all-important question: Are you committed to becoming the Leader that creates “Dynasties”? Where self is not in the picture but taking as many of your Agents as will follow, to a place they never imagined would actually happen? You see there is a big difference between dreaming and fulfilling. It always starts with a dream but we all know that dreams get hijacked, unless there is a Leader with the vision, experience and deep commitment to guiding those that trust them, past all of the obstacles. So in closing, I know you have many choices when considering a Consultant to work closely with you. Chances are, you will work with more than one throughout your career but none is more important than the Consultant that you will hire next. If YOU have made the Decision to Compete at YOUR Highest Level, I stand ready to guide you in that journey. Take the Next Step toward greater success for YOU and YOUR company, hire Dixon Judd.

    5 Reasons YOU need Dixon Judd to build your Recruiting Systems

    Let’s step back for a moment and look at what the real situation is. Agents are going to move from one brokerage to another at certain times in their careers. Just like the home sellers and buyers that these very same agents must work successfully with in earning the listings and sales away from the best competitors, they are going to consider more than one option for a new company to move their business to. The hard numbers are, agents look at 4-5 options, then narrow that quickly down to 1 or 2 contenders. Then the pace increases because while no one likes change, the agent on the move, wants to get their business transferred and back up to full speed as quickly as possible. This is where YOU either Win or Lose. YOU won’t even be in the running if YOUR company is in hiding. In order to attract and retain the very best agents in your market and win them away from your fiercest competitors, YOU have to be Known and Respected by ALL of the agents in YOUR markets. And perhaps even feared by the other top companies. This is where I come in. If YOU want to get to the highest level and stay there, then we need to talk. I not only have a deep understanding of the key principles and ingredients needed to navigate this high stakes road, I have a long track record of delivering. YOU can’t afford to take a chance on just being a name in the crowd with either the agents you seek or the consultant you hire.

    1.) You are not in the real estate business. YOU are in the human resource, human development, human attraction and human behavior business. YOU must have a powerful system that manages the scope of this opportunity.

    2.) Recruiting solves every single challenge YOU have in YOUR organization and is the solution to increased market share, productivity and profitability.

    3.) Recruiting is not an event. It is a process that includes a series of specific events that must have levels of automated systems. Systems that are working

    24/7 around the clock, working when you are busy, working when you are away on business, working when you are on vacation and working when you are sleeping.

    4.) Recruiting has always been THE MOST DIFFICULT responsibility in the entire management process. And it always will be, until YOU have a complete system in place. A system that is market tested and proven and customized to YOUR specific needs and goals. One that contains the powerful elements that allow YOU to overcome the gaps and deficiencies that are present in most companies.

    5.) YOU need a system that maintains momentum when you are attending to the other parts of your business. A system that makes YOU “THE TOP CHOICE” for agents moving their business.

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