The Four Critical Components to a Recruiting System

Dixon Judd, CEO

Performance Resource Group

What you can expect?

We start with building a complete system with powerful components. The end result gives you a complete solution that integrates the best of what your company’s unique culture represents today with the best external tools in the industry. This is where expertise comes in. As a recruiting strategy expert, I have been creating customized recruiting systems and solutions for decades in two key industries, Residential Real Estate and since there is a close alignment, Mortgage Banking. These systems and strategies create the leverage needed in recruiting real estate agents, offices and brokerages, as well as loan officers, branches, and whole company mergers. Servicing single location companies to nationwide organizations. The concept of creating a “System” that is measured and adaptable, produces sustainable results. As a leading resource, versed in the very best methods and strategies in the industry, I get called upon and referred by current and past clients alike. If you are seeking to enter a new market, increase market share and improve profitability, I would love to hear from you.

Since time is money and your competition is gaining ground right now, I invite you to reach out to me today. Together we will analyze your existing strategies and goals. Then present you with a clear solution, feedback, and guidance that integrates the best of what you already have with the game changing, missing components? There are four critical components to any system,

1) Data that is current and allows you to proactively engage with a preselected audience.

2) A Communication System that engages from multiple touch points, creating and building a positive impression that produces referrals and increased sales. Companies come and go all the time, so in order signal that you are here to stay long term, it must be a series of communications that creates this impression.

3) An All-Out Engagement process that uses multiple mediums to appeal to all the senses with potential Candidates. Taking the positive impression to a higher level that sticks, while building further interest.

4.) Making a Powerful Presentation of your company’s unique strengths, one that is consistent in each Candidate encounter, thereby reinforcing your brand and leadership as a true market leader. No one joins a company of strangers. Presentations that turn strangers into friends.

I have strategic alliances with key service providers, offering the best resources and critical system components referenced above. By researching and testing each one against the competition, they alone stand as the “best in class” in their respective segments. Each one on its own merits is powerful but putting them in a unique sequence, timing, and application in my system, they provide an unbeatable combination for my client’s businesses.

My observations are that systems must be easy to implement and manage, in order to produce the consistency that recruiting requires. The proper sequencing and pinpoint understanding of the powerful psychological stages are critical and either work for you or against you. It’s what I believe creates the strong demand for my consulting and resources. I guide you with a visible passion, through the entire process where you will rely on proven results and my expertise in the field. I have always been selective in who I partner with, not attempting to service large numbers of clients at a time, so that complete focus and attention can be given to you.

“I’ve never tried to be a media superstar or to be the Consultant to the masses. I prefer to work with a small group of unique strategic partners to bring customized systems to committed companies. Companies where owners and management have a deep belief in the need to continuously improve. Understanding that competitors and market conditions never sit still, that the ability to compete at the top of any market is a mindset, followed by action.”

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