Real Estate Agent Sales Training and Group Coaching

Real Estate Agent Sales Training and Group Coaching

    Sign up for this unique Real Estate Agent Sales Training and Coaching has been one of the few tangible components of most of the successful Realtors business for many years. Due to the complexity that Realtors face in running their real estate practices effectively, they very often seek outside resources to guide and coach them. To be a profitable Realtor, there has to be a true “business owner” mentality covering all aspects of the business from financial investment, back into their businesses for marketing, client follow up, advertising and marketing the homes they represent for sale, the attraction of potential buyers to use their services, etc. Then the accounting that is needed to track various business development activities. The hiring of staff, such as assistants and other team members. All of these components represent risk and drain on gross earnings. That risk has to be closely monitored to stay on the profitable side of the balance sheet. It is very easy to buy or subscribe to a never ending list of tools, software, apps, gadgets, photography, video production, etc. that ALL offer the pitch of “You will only need to make one additional sale to cover the cost of this!” You see, being a Real Estate Agent isn’t a job, it is a career that if done right, looks and feels like a business with in a business. The smart and savvy agents use a plan to guide their business and to determine which tools they truly do need. No one can run a successful real estate practice without tools and systems, the challenge is knowing which tools, at what time and in what sequence. The Real Estate Agents that I have studied, coached and worked closely with understand that having the right coach is very instrumental in achieving and maintaining these pillars of business with consistency and ultimately a healthy net profit.

    The best Real Estate Agent - Coach is not necessarily the cheapest or the most expensive. The Top 3 Tips in hiring the "Right" Coach:

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Curriculum Overview

1.) Start with a realistic assessment of where you are currently at in your business. i.e. You’re a newer Realtor (first 2 -3 years) or You are already established and looking for guidance on growing your business with a team, assistants and so on, to "Creating a Saleable Real Estate Practice" that is able to be sold when you wish to retire and exit.

2.) Interview 3 potential Coaches. Look for a good connection, energy, do they really listen to your needs and can you see yourself taking direction and corrections from this person.

3.) Money is not the best guide to use in selecting the right coach. Keep a longer term mentality, knowing that you will likely have several great coaches during your career. With this kind of perspective, don't go to extremes by being stingy with your dollars and don't just blindly hire the most expensive coach either.

Watch for my next set of tips on "How to get maximize YOUR growth and progress from your coaching relationship".

What is the difference between Real Estate Agent Training and Real Estate Agent Coaching, you ask? Typically, the Realtor Training is focused on the more technical aspects of the buying and selling of residential real estate. Things like, how to create and execute an offer, a contract, the myriad of disclosures, getting the information entered correctly and timely into the MLS systems, ordering inspections, attending the inspections, attending the closing, and so on. These are the critical functions of managing transactions, keeping within the compliance measures and getting people moved in and out of the homes. Whereas Realtor Coaching is intended to build the Real Estate Agents business to higher levels, increase and add to the size of databases for past clients, sphere of influence contacts, implementing various business generation techniques and strategies. Realtor training is more the science of the business and the Realtor coaching is the art of the business. Both are vital but the latter is what separates the hobby, part time Real Estate Agents from the high income earning, highly competitive true professionals.

Dixon Judd’s Group Coaching for Real Estate Agents that is done via a weekly “LIVE” webinar. It is a fantastic way to participate in a robust coaching format, where the investment required for Realtor Group Coaching is more affordable than hiring a One on One Coach. If the Real Estate Agent is truly self-motivated, then consistently attending these weekly webinars, will provide plenty of income generation methods and strategies. In the “group realtor coaching” setting, the benefit of broad feedback from other participants and a sense of attacking the challenges in growing your real estate sales business, as part of a larger group, can be very empowering. It usually takes 6 – 12 months of group coaching to get the foundations in place that would create a consistent income cycle. The two largest dangers for Real Estate Agents have always been “lack of proper time management” and large “fluctuations in cash flow”. Both are formidable by themselves but if a Real Estate Agent suffers from both of these issues at the same time, their longevity in the business is severely tested. One of the very best ways for a Realtor to get past these and other pitfalls, is the Real Estate Agent Group Coaching with Dixon Judd of Performance Resource Group, where the guidance and accountability that is needed are delivered on a consistent basis. The group coaching curriculum generally starts by building foundational components such as effective goal setting, time management techniques that ensure that the proper amount of income generation activities are being applied daily, weekly and monthly. Then the creation of systems that manage a pipeline of clients, so that there are always deals going through and the commission income flows. Followed by methods for building a larger and larger pipeline, by knowing upfront who is and who is not a potential client. Now that there has been momentum created in the group coaching, the Realtor is ready to add more pillars of business to the basic tried and true working of” expired listings”, FSBO’s, sphere of influence” niches.