Private"Closed Door" Real Estate Sales Training Class

Private"Closed Door" Real Estate Sales Training Class

    Private"Closed Door" Real Estate Sales Training Class
    Date TBA

    6:00 - 9:00 pm

    8 week course

    (1 night per week)

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    Sign up for this unique 8-week course, provided by Dixon Judd / Performance Resource Group. Dixon Judd has a long track record of taking branch offices in the Residential Real Estate and Residential Mortgage industries to the top of their respective markets by training, coaching and mentoring the producers and their managers in those offices. The outcome in each situation has been a consistent track record of success! Dixon is one of the type of top performers, that has personally studied and trained with the very best trainers in the Real Estate and Mortgage industries, personally applying the skills that the industry uses to improve from....

    Goal Setting, Time Management, Pipeline Management Systems, People Skills needed to get other people's enthusiastic cooperation, Making Powerful Sales Presentations that build the mutual business of their respective top Realtors, Loan Officers and their other Referral Partners (CPA’s, Attorney’s, etc.) and much more.

    Dixon Judd has trained with the Mike Ferry Organization's One-on-One Coaching Program for Real Estate Professionals. He has also trained with Anthony Robbins, Todd Duncan, Walter Sanford, Tom Hopkins, The Dale Carnegie Organization, Front Runner, and The Building Champions Coaching Program. Having invested over $200,000.00 into his knowledge and experience while mastering these systems and strategies, provides the background for your organization enjoying significant growth from hiring Dixon.

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Curriculum Overview

The following will outline the course material and objectives to be accomplished in the 8 week Sales Course.

The Sales Course is designed to start by building on foundational areas, as well as building a momentum through the 8 weeks of the course.The class meets one night per week from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM for the 8 week period.

The participants will get the opportunity to have a hands-on environment. They will actually begin to implement their newfound skills as they interact with the other participants during each class. This format makes the retention and implementation process much more fun and effective. Long lasting relationships, team camaraderie and group momentum are the tangible results.

High points of the class are:

  • Effective Goal Setting: find out what matters most to each individual.

  • Successful Time Management: gives control of ones time and stops burn out in its tracks.

  • People Skills: how to win enthusiastic, co-operation consistently.

  • Setting up Systems: automate the sales cycle, every time.

  • Building and Maintaining a Pipeline of Business: runs itself while it continues to grow.

  • Finding and identifying who your prospects are.

  • Making a powerful sales presentation: puts you in the top 5% of the industry.

  • Giving the individual the skills to attract the top clients: in their marketplace forever

  • The outcomes from taking the course are:

    *Empowering individuals with a foundation that comes from each participant really identifying who they are.

    *The purposeful pursuit of their goals and aspirations while managing their busy lives.

    *Gaining enthusiastic cooperation with everyone they encounter.

    *Being able to Identify prime prospects and then empowering them with a system for engaging these top prospects, over and over.

    *Doing business at the top of their market by partnering with and being referred by the best Agent's and Professionals in their markets.

    Decided to Compete at YOUR Highest Level!